SC entertainment cable 101

Type SC Entertainment Cable 101

Gencable’s Learning Series: Cable Class

What is Type SC cable?

Type SC entertainment cable is a single conductor cable made with a fully annealed stranded 30 gauge bare copper conductor at its core. The copper center is surrounded with a high grade RoHS-compliant CPE insulator and jacketed with black TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). TPE has a high-flex rating, is recyclable, and works well in temperatures ranging from -50°C to + 105°C (-58°F to +221°F).

Rated to 600 Volts , type SC cables have both UL and CSA approvals so you can be certain your product has been tested and certified by UL’s and CSA’s published and nationally recognized standards for safety.

SC cable also has an excellent resistance to acids, liquids and solvents; crushing and abrasion; and heat, flames, UV and the ozone – making it a great choice for sets and locations indoors and out. Type SC entertainment cable can handle the job no matter where you take your equipment or what kind of weather or environmental factors you’re facing.


Stage Cable is mainly used to supply temporary power for lighting radio, television and film productions including feature, commercial, video and events.


Where are Type SC cables used?

Type SC cables are typically used in mobile communication vehicles, night clubs, theaters, television, movies, and live events in the entertainment industry. Sometimes called entertainment or stage lighting cables, these flexible cables can be coiled and stored when not being used to provide temporary power. That makes them easily moved from set to set and location to location which also makes type SC cable assemblies popular with the entertainment equipment rental industry.

Are type SC entertainment cables only used for lighting?

No, but stage lighting is the most common use for type SC entertainment cables. SC cables are used for connecting the lights to the power supply and also for getting power to the lighting controls and dimmers.


Want to learn more about SC cable and what options are available? Gencable offers SC Entertainment Cable in AWG sizes from #8 to 250MCM. Buy your SC Entertainment Cable here.

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