Type W Portable Power Cable Spotlight

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Type W Portable Power Cable is one of GenCable’s most sought after power cable products. This cable workhorse is manufactured specifically for heavy-duty industrial power applications that require excellent flexibility and constant reliability under demanding usage. Type W is the cable you want for temporary to permanent power applications such as portable generators, AC (alternating current) systems, grounding, power extension, shore power, mining, oil drilling and more. That’s why it’s not unusual to see GenCable Type W Cable powering up concert venues, theaters, storm relief efforts, trade shows, and festivals and more.

Here are 6 reasons that make Type W portable power cable from GenCable a top performer and a best seller:

  1. GenCable’s Type W cable is extremely flexible and a high power conductor. It’s all due to the 30 gauge bare copper stranding. The copper stranding increases the cable’s ability to bend with ease and lets power easily travel through the cable.
  2. The jacket on GenCable’s Type W cable is built to last. The stranded copper is jacketed with RoHS compliant Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), a compound mixture of plastic and rubber made to withstand harsh environments. Type W’s TPE jacket is another reason this highly conductive cable can remain flexible while durably resisting weather conditions, oils, sunlight, flames, and water.
  3. Gencable’s Type W power cable delivers superior performance in heat and cold. Surrounding the stranded copper is the cable’s insulation layer made of ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR). The EPR insulation amplifies the cable’s ability to resist hot temperatures, oxidation, ozone and extreme weather. Type W cable from GenCable is rated up to 2000V for can be used in temperatures from -40°C to 90°C in wet or dry conditions – making it the ideal cable to use for indoor or outdoor applications.
  4. Type W Cable from GenCable is overbuilt for today’s demanding work force. Nested between the jacket and the cable’s insulation layer (EPR) you’ll find a high strength fiber braid. The fiber braid reinforces your Type W cable’s structure – enabling it to maintain its form during repetitive or tension prone usage.
  5. GenCable keeps your safety at the core of all we do. There is also a tape separator placed between the conductor and the insulation layer. The tape separator provides additional protection for the copper conductor resulting in safe and reliable power connections during use.
  6. Tested and tested. Then tested again. You need a reliable power source you can trust. GenCable Type W Portable Power Cable is subjected to extensive testing to earn that trust. Your Type W is UL listed, MSHA and National Electrical Code article 400 approved, and meets the standards and specifications of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certifications. Every piece of Type W cable or Type W assembly you buy can be completely trusted and relied upon for its intended use.

Versatile, dependable Type W Portable Power Cable from GenCable is available in these popular products so get yours today!

Whatever your needs are for Type W Portable Power Cable, we value your trust and selection of GenCable as your resource!

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