GenCable Stage Pin ASsemblies - 20 Amp, 60 Amp, 100 Amp, Snake Bite, Splitter Bates and Group 5 connectors

Benefits of Using Stage Pin Assemblies

When it comes to entertainment cables, there are many great options as you can see under our Entertainment Cables section. But when it comes to certain tasks, modern Stage Pin cables offer a leg up on safety and effectiveness to their alternatives. Stage pin cable assemblies are highly utilized in professional stage and theater lighting. They offer exceptional durability and reliable safe connections for dimmed power uses such as lighting equipment. These benefits come from the assembly configurations found in the selection of cable they are made with and the construction of the stage pin connectors.

First let’s take a look at the cable selections utilized in stage pin extensions. GenCable uses black 12/3 SJOOW cable for all 20A Stage Pin extensions. SJOOW cable is heavily sought after cable for uses where durability and flexibility are both required. It offers a soft stranded copper conductor with premium grade color coded ethylene propylenediene monomer EPDM insulation and chlorinated polyethylene CPE jacket which means it can flex and bend, and is also safe from the dangers of abrasion, moisture, oil or other such hazards.

Similarly, GenCable’s other stage pin extensions are made with our highly durable UL and c(UL) Listed Stage Cable (SC). Our SC cable is equally resistant to damage from heavy use and extreme environments, but also totes a rating of up to 600V making it the suitable option for extensions constructed with 60 amp pins, 100 amp pins, splitter configurations and snake bite cable assemblies.

As mentioned above, the second prominent factor to stage pin cables being the industry standard for many applications is the actual design of the stage pin connectors. The industry standard Stage Pin Connector, also known as Grounded Pin Connectors, Two-Pin with Ground, 2P&G or Grounded Stage Pins offers a connection that is safe, strong and effective. They have 3 circular pins that connect, a hot & neutral circuit with a grounded pin between them. The ground is denoted on the casing and set slightly off center as well as longer in most cases to ensure plugs aren’t incorrectly connected which could result in a short circuit. This means they can safely connect every time they are used. Not only is the connection safely designed, the pin is encased in either extreme temp tolerant nylon as seen in Bates® pins or high-temp phenolic material like that of the Group 5® connectors. Their encasings are flat which allow the cable to lay safely on a stage minimizing tripping hazards more than that of alternative entertainment cable extensions with round connectors. Both Bates® and Group 5® connectors are UL listed and are specified by United States Institute for Theatre Technology standard USITT S3-1997 Standard for Stage Pin Connectors. Bates® connectors are also CSA approved even furthering the trustworthiness of their design.

If you’re in stage business looking for cables to power your medium, GenCable’s stage pin connectors are the way to go.

Our standard 20 amp, 60 amp and 100 amp assemblies are banded every 2′ with heavy-duty heat shrink and come in 10′, 25′, 50′, 100′ standard lengths with your choice of Bates® or Group 5® connectors.

Splitter Stage Pin Cables are manufactured for professional use using, high-temperature, high impact resistant thermoplastic and phenolic materials come in the standard 2′ lengths with Group 5® connectors.

Our Snake Bite Stage Pin Cable Assemeblies are made with one Group 5® pin and 3 colored 16 series Cam Lok connectors allowing for high wattage 220 VAC motion picture lights to be plugged into Cam-type distribution.

Check out our entire selection of Stage Pin Cable Assemblies today and reach out to GenCable if you have any questions or need specially designed configurations.

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