SC Entertainment Feeder Cable Assemblies

SC Entertainment Feeder Cable Assemblies

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Lookingfor the highest quality, most reliable Type SC Feeder Cable Assemblies with Cams? You’ve come to the right place. Our entertainment cable products support a wide variety of industries and function well in many environments and climates. Our line of SC feeder cable assemblies with cam locks is of the most popular product groups we carry. And with a host of options and assemblies always in stock you can be sure you’ll find (or create) the exact stage cable assembly you need for your project.

With you won’t have to compromise your deadlines or the quality of your products in exchange for convenience.
Our SC Feeder Cable Assemblies, also known as entertainment feeder cables or cam type feed cables, are made with our own Type SC Entertainment Cable (which you can learn more about and buy from our cut to length section).

Our all-star stage cable is manufactured with highly flexible annealed 30 gauge bare copper conductor insulated with a high grade RoHS compliant CPE. The resulting jacket is extremely durable and resists oils, acids, solvents, flames, moisture, ozone, crushing, and abrasion. The cable and cams perform well in all temperatures ranging from -50°C to + 105°C (-58°F to +221°F) and are rated up to 600 volts. The cable assembly meets National Electrical Code Article 520, 525, 530, UL Subject 1680, CSA PPC 22.2 – 96 and exceeds both UL and c(UL) flame test requirements.

  • 30 gauge bare copper stranding
  • CPE jacket
  • Operating temperatures from 50°C to + 105°C (-58°F to +221°F)
  • Rated to 600V

Due to high demand and the need for quick service where these cables are used we keep all components in stock. Build the assembly you need with these options:

  • Gauges:#2, 2/0 or 4/0
  • Cable Lengths:25′, 50′, 75′, 100′
  • Cam Colors:Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, White

You can rely on for all of your power needs including SC Feeder Cable Assemblies. For your next motion picture, television, theater, stage, arena, large sporting event, live concerts, portable lighting or other jobs coming up this Summer, think!

Learn more & buy SC Feeder Cables


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