SC Banded 5-Wire Feeder Cables – A Perfect Power Solution

SC Feeder Cables are the professional’s dream for those scenarios where complex hook-ups to distribute power are must. Jobsites care about the durability, safety and reliability in such situations, the entertainment industry may care more about flexibility and ease of use to run power across complex sets and stages – in both cases GenCable’s SC 5-Wire Banded Cam Style Cable Assemblies and #2 Banded 5-Wire Pigtails have it all.

Each of our banded assembly cables is incredibly flexible and unbeatable in durability. Built with GenCable’s own black #2 SC (Stage Cable) the cord itself is intentionally constructed with highly flexible annealed 30 gauge bare copper conductor which creates a cable easy to manipulate in whatever contortions your power layout requires. It is also insulated with high grade RoHS compliant CPE jacketing to provide trusted resistance to all oils, acids, solvents, flames & moisture. All together, our SC cable comes with a UL & c(UL) rating and is resistant to ozone, crushing, abrasion & physical damage making it the ideal cable you can trust with your end use.

Our banded assemblies are capped with 16 series Cam-Lok Electrical Connectors – the professional’s choice – in a wide range of industrial and entertainment applications such as powering gensets, plugging into distribution panels, portable power and lighting needs in theater, television, concerts, recording studios, performing events, movie sets, mobile communication vans, lighting and sound systems of all kinds where single pole connectivity is needed. Durable under tough operating conditions and environments, camlock connectors are a great alternative to the chunky multi-conductor cables. Standard SC 5-Wire Banded Cable Assemblies come with a black, red & blue “hot” cams, a white neutral cam and a green ground cam for easy identification.

We understand you have vastly unique needs when it comes to powering your specific end use. That is why you’ll find the most popular choices in GenCable banded feeder cables. GenCable offers options including green ground cable, reversed neutral and ground, and a green ground with reversed neutral ground as well as standard set up described above – all available in your choice of 8 different sizes.

We also offer bare-end pigtails for when you need to patch or terminate power. If you are in need of this type of specialized banded SC 5-wire tie-ins, we offer them in 5′ lengths with several connector choices to provide you the exact connection you need.

Here’s a quick over view of each cable so you can understand what is offered and find the perfect banded feeder cable for you next gig:

SC Banded Cam Style Cable Assembly

Lengths available: 5′, 10′, 15′, 25′, 50′, 75′, 100′


  • Standard (pictured)
  • Green Ground
  • Reversed Neutral & Ground
  • Reversed Neutral & Green Ground

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#2 5-Wire Banded Stage Cable Pigtails

Length: 5′


  • Male 5-Wire Banded Set with 16 Series Cam & Bare End
  • Female 5-Wire Banded Set with 16 Series Cam & Bare End
  • Male 5-Wire Banded Set with 16 Series Cam & Bare End with reversed Neutral / Ground
  • Female 5-Wire Banded Set with 16 Series Cam & Bare End with reversed Neutral / Ground
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