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Protect Against Power Disconnection with These Cords

In many circumstances, the loss of power to commercial and industrial equipment results in severe consequences. Power loss can quite literally mean life and death for industries such as health and emergency relief. When power is critical, you need our professional grade power cables with connectors that stay in place during movement or heavy-duty usage.

At GenCable, we manufacture many of our cables by hand using cord that has passed thorough testing. We understand you need power cords built to prevent power disconnection and GenCable is a resource you can always rely on.

For a steady and reliable power source, we highly recommend our 20 amp and 30 amp twist-locking power cables. The premium quality cables feature connector blades engineered to allow your power connection to be locked into place. Add to that your ability to buy the exact assembly length you need for your specific job. We recommend you use the correct length for your application so there is no extra cord to trip over and no added strain to span distances that would pull on your cable and compromise your power connection.

GenCable’s 20 amp and 30 amp twist-locking wiring device extensions are made from our own SOOW cableOur team hand builds each cord at GenCable. They are factory-tested and certified UL and CSA. They are resistant to oil, water, abrasion, and UV light.

Here are your current options for 20A and 30A Twist-Locking cords:

Choose your straight blade NEMA configured locking connectors:

  • L5-20
  • L6-20
  • L14-20
  • L21-20
  • L21-30
  • L5-30
  • L6-30
  • L14-30
  • L21-30

Choose your length:

  • 5′
  • 10′
  • 25′
  • 50′
  • 75′
  • 100′

Additional locking power cords we sell:

Buy the most reliable and best quality locking power cables today! 

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