GenCable Socapex 19-Pin Cable Extension Assembly

Professional Socapex 19-Pin Cable Extensions That Meet Your Needs


When it comes to power connections for professional lighting, there are a various amount of critical musts for the cables used to rig power. Needs like cables that do not break connection, can withstand stressful configurations, transport well, flexibily bend in tight or odd spaces, unique lengths to reduce tripping hazards or span vast spaces, break-ins / break-outs with the connectors you are using to spread power to every illuminated installation and more. Professional lighting is no joke! And neither is powering it. That’s why at GenCable, we make it a point to not only know your needs, but intimately understand them needs and create cables that meet and exceed them so we can continue to supply you with cables that are reliable with all of the options you could ever need for your specific and unique power configurations that arise.

When it comes to professional lighting situations, GenCable’s Socapex Cables make you the hero able to  wire every tricky set up you face. Our standard Socapex 19-Pin Cable Extensions are made from 12/14 600V UL and CSA listed cable with professional grade male & female connectors featuring locking threads to keep your connectors together and power continuous in heavy duty uses. These connectors are industry standard and provide high strength-weight ratio. The 12 guage annealed copper cable we use makes them extremely flexible, the rating proves you can trust the power quality will not be lost and will withstand harsh treatment. Top those characteristics with your choice of 14 different lengths: 5, 10′, 15′, 20′, 25′, 30′, 40′, 50′, 75′, 100′, 125′, 150′, 175′, 200′. We also give you the option to select non-spinning connectors if you choose.

Along with our standard Socapex Extensions, also offers a robust selection of professional grade 6 circuit Socapex break-in and break-out cables (also known as fan-outs) made with 12/3 300V UL and CSA listed GenCable SJOOW cable with the same professional grade socapex connectors and your choice of connecotrs for the 6 circuit connections.


Our Socapex 19-Pin Break-Out Multicables come in standard 6′ lengths with one non-spinning 19-pin Socapex connector and your choice of (6) female stage pin, Edison, PowerCON, PowerCON TRUE1, and L6-20 locking connectors.

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Our Socapex 19-Pin Break-In Multicables are of similar calibar coming in standard 6′ lengths with one non-spinning 19-pin Socapex connector and your choice of (6) male stage pin, Edison, PowerCON, PowerCON TRUE1, and L6-20 locking connectors. 

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