Stage Pin Group 5® and Bates® Connector

Stage pin Group 5® & Bates® connectors, also known as grounded pin connector (GPC) or grounded stage pin (GSP), is the industry standard cable type for distributing power to stage and lighting devices.  Stage pin connectors are commonly used in theatrical lighting in North America and in many countries in the theater world.

Stage pin Group 5® & Bates® connectors are specified by United States Institute for Theatre Technology standard USITT S3-1997 Standard for Stage Pin Connectors.

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Weight1 lbs
Ampacity (A)

20A, 60A, 100A


Bates®, Group5®


Product Description

  • Group 5® and Bates® stage pin connectors
  • Phenolic or thermal resistant durable nylon bodies
  • Tolerate extreme temperatures (up to 500F)
  • Reliable in the most demanding environments
  • Group 5® stage pins are available in 60 and 100 ampacity connectors
  • Bates® stage pins are available in 20 ampacity connectors