Now Offering Exact Cut to Length Cable

We are committed to supporting the unique requirements of the Portable Power and Entertainment markets with customizable cable assembly solutions, as well as offering a broad inventory of Cut-to-Length cable constructions. To speed up the process of custom cable length orders, which are often required within our customers’ industries, we’ve made custom lengths now something you can order directly from our Cut to Length section of the website.

If you’re ordering over 25′ of any type of cable we offer, you can now select the exact foot you need. We will cut and ship the order without your needing to call in!

Here are the cable varieties we currently offer online –

Custom Length Cable Available In:

Our hope with in adding this functionality is to make what you need accessible and convenient without ever compromising quality. If you have any more ways you think our website can better serve your needs, reach out to us and we will see what we can do.


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