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If you are looking for cable assemblies and extensions that can withstand high voltages while maintaining their durability and flexibility then you’ve come to the right place. is your go to source for all of your Power Cable assemblies. Our Industrial cables are ideal for heavy-duty industrial usage and for responding to critical situations including storm recovery, temporary and permanent generators, and remote construction sites.

All of our Power Cables are privately manufactured and extremely well constructed for durability. Every single cable we sell is a reliable source of power you can use for all of your industrial applications. We know what matters. Quality. Durability. Efficiency. Reliability. Therefore, every Power Cable we sell is inspected with the approvals you need to get the job done safely and securely. You can trust the products you purchase from Power Cables to Support Your Work:

Type W Assembly with CamLoks

Our Type W Power Cable Assembly with Cam Loks is UL listed and suitable for all types of heavy-duty and industrial applications requiring flexibility and reliability. Type W cable is made with a annealed no. 30 gauge bare copper stranding power conductor. With a flexible EPR/CPE jacket this single conductor portable power cable offers reinforced strength featuring single faced rubber filled binder tape. Type W assemblies are incredibly resistant to impact, abrasion, water, flame, ozone, sunlight, grease, weather, and chemicals with an operating temperature range from -40°C to 90°C in dry environments.

Type W cable assemblies are the professional’s choice for use in industrial and light-to-medium mining projects and designed for temporary and permanent power for portable generators, AC, grounding, power extension, shore power, mining, oil drilling and any project that needs a reliable source of heavy-duty power. Constructed with #2, 2/0 and 4/0 cable gauges, select the exact Type W cable assemblies you need for your application.

50A Twist-Locking Spider Box Assembly

If you are looking to secure your power connections on your site we recommend our 50A Twist-Locking Spider Box Power Cable Assembly. Also known as bologna cords or California Style (CS) cords, these assemblies feature industrial-grade one-piece construction locking blade connectors with a brass mounting system for a safer resistance ground path. Cali cords perform well in rough conditions and distribute secured power connections over your location. Use your twist-lock assembly with our Spider Boxesto send your power to three GFCI-enabled duplex Edison extension cord outlets. Plus, you can get those six Edison extension cords right here.


NEMA Wiring Device Extension Cord

In some cases when using commercial and industrial equipment, protection against disconnection is a necessity. For those applications, GenCable’s factory tested NEMA Wiring Device Extension Cords are made to ensure connection while withstanding moisture, chemicals, oil, water, abrasion, UV and environmental concerns. Each is made with GenCable’s heavy-duty UL and CSA SOOW and your choice of NEMA Wetguard and twist locking connectors.


Quad Box Stringer Assembly

We also offer Quad Box Stringer Assembliesconstructed from our heavy-duty UL and CSA SOOW cable and Wet-guard connectors. These industrial grade stringers evenly and easily distribute power when and where you need it with durable high quality heavy-duty molded rubber quad boxes located every fifteen feet. The boxes, ends, and SOOW cable are all rated for rough usage with your safety in mind. Our stringer assemblies are resistant to shock, impact, corrosion, chemicals and fatigue. Molded with yellow Santoprene TPV housing for durability in harsh conditions, the quad boxes feature spring loaded flip lids for added protection from harm.


Another extremely safe power cable we offer is our durable 60A Pin & Sleeve assembly. Each extension is built with IEC 60309 plug and connectors and GenCable 4/5 Type SOOW cable.  These assemblies will outlast harsh weather, corrosive atmospheres, and rough working conditions. The IEC 60309 plug and connectors are Hubble rated with a solid one-piece pin construction and watertight gasketed sealing ring for reliable electrical contact and outdoor use.


Choosing Power Cables:

So whether your sites are indoors or out, temporary or permanent, or unlike any other, at we have the power cable assemblies that get the job done. Shop our full list of Industrial Power Cables for reliability and peace of mind every time! Remember, orders over $600 ship free every time! 

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