Getting Set for Your Spring with 50 Amp Twist Locking Spider Box Cable Extensions

In power, entertainment and industrial industries, it is likely your work load is about to ramp up due to outdoor jobs and events beginning again this Spring. With that reality in mind, now is the perfect time to check your power cord stock so you are prepared to handle your upcoming workload this Season.

All of GenCable’s cords are excellent for outdoor use as they are industry grade and built to last. Many of our cords shine in the outdoor environment such as GenCable’s 

and many more. One highly demanded all star outdoor cable we will highlight in this post is the GenCable’s 50A Twist-Locking Spider Box Power Cable Assembly.

50A Twist-Locking Spider Box Power Cable Assembly (CS)

Also referred to as California Style or CS Cords, these cords are know for their secure safe connection.

The name “California Style Cords” comes from their inception during the hay-day of Hollywood’s formation. Before this cord’s use on film studio sets, the primary cords utilized were similar to our Stage Pins which, at that time, didn’t feature grounding capabilities or protection from rough transport and use. The connection of the 15 Amp Twist Locking cable Extensions were superior for several reasons. Featuring a complete metal locking covering to the conducting blades and a centered grounding pin within the metal sheaths meant connections would be secured even when moving cables and safe from electrical hazards such as sparking[1]. Both the connection and the inclusion of a ground made for a trustworthy secure connection unmatched by the previous cables.

Since that time, 15 Amp Twist Locking Cable Extensions have been a major player in distributing power not only for heavy duty use on film sets, but also preferred for distributing power among construction sites, disaster recovery situations, emergency power needs and various industrial applications.

If you’re in need of 15 Amp Twist Locking Spider Box Cords to get ready for your upcoming outdoor power needs, GenCable is your best resource for purchasing ones you can trust with your work. Here’s why:

GenCable’s 50A Twist-Locking Spider Box Power Cable Assemblies are of the highest performance quality so you can rest assured no matter what application you purchase them for you will have a cable that’s reliable, safe and supreme in conduction. We also give you the option of creating your assemblies with male & female connectors on both ends or as pigtails with a single connector and bare end.

These cords fit perfectly into the power receptacles of outdoor spider boxes for jobsites as well so you can completely update your power distribution system or plug into portable spider boxes you already own.

Don’t go without safe connections and the correct number of cords you need this season.

GenCable is here to supply and support all of your power cable needs this Spring and always! Buy your 15 Amp Twist Locking Spider Box Cords today!

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