Expanded SC Banded Feeder Cable Options

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From endless venue possibilities to your customer’s special requests it’s no wonder that the power supplier behind every entertainment gig needs to have options. So to you behind-the-scene warriors in the entertainment industry in need of yet more choices, we heard you. GenCable.com just expanded our line of SC Banded Cable Extensions.

Banded SC cable extensions, also known as SC 5-wire banded cables and #2 5-wire banded assemblies, are used to distribute electrical power for entertainment, stage and lighting applications (both indoors and outdoors). Our banded cable extensions are manufactured with that reality in mind, engineered to answer the potential for extreme wear or weatherfound when supplying portable power and lighting. Applications include:

  • Theater
  • Television
  • Concerts
  • Live Events
  • Motion Pictures
  • Mobile Communication Vans
  • Sound Systems

Buy your SC 5-wire banded cable extensions right here. Remember, orders over $600 always ship free!

When you buy your banded stage cable extensions at GenCable.com  you can rest assured they are built to last.

Take advantage of these great features:

  • Highly flexible annealed 30 gauge bare copper conductor insulated with a high grade RoHS compliant CPE

  • Durable jacket resists oils, acids, solvents, flames, and moisture, ozone, crushing, and abrasion-resistant

  • Operating Temperatures: -50°C to + 105°C (-58°F to +221°F)

  • Rated to 600 Volts

  • National Electrical Code Article 520, 525, 530

  • UL Subject 1680, CSA PPC 22.2 – 96

  • Stock Color: Black

  • Banded every 24″ (2 feet) in compliance with NEC Article 400.5 (Free Air)

Select exactly what you need:

Now you can choose from two gauges (#2 and 2/0), four configurations, and these seven lengths for your SC banded cable assemblies:


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More Configurations:

  • Standard
  • Green Ground
  • Reverse Ground with Neutral
  • Green Ground with Reversed Ground and Neutral

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More Lengths:

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100

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Whether your next gig takes you to the great outdoors or on a studio set, GenCable.com has you covered.

Create your SC Banded Feeder Cable Assembly Today! 

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Also Available from GenCable.com

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#2 5-Wire Banded SC Pigtails

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Stage Cable ( SC ) Feeder Cables

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