Edison Plugs 15 Amp Stinger Cable Extensions

Edison Plugs and 15Amp Stingers

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Edison plugs are used in nearly every market GenCable.com serves – theater, movies, TV, outdoor and indoor live events, industrial fields and even military, hospitals and some heavy-duty household applications. Some of these fields have almost nothing in common. You can assume that will mean each and every plug has a unique demand. Variations, options and absolute safety and reliability is necessary when offering a product as uniquely demanded and GenCable.com Edison Plugs.

This cable is not only unique demanded and used, it is called by various names: Edison plug, 5-15 straight blade extensions, and (what you’ll find them referred to on GenCable.com) 15A Stinger Extensions.

GenCable 15A Stinger Extensions

Each 15Amp Stinger Extension is assembled with our own SJOOW (300 Volt) or SOOW (600 Volt) cable and Edison connectors all built to NEMA standards, MSHA and Indoor / outdoor UL listing/CSA certified. GenCable.com Edison plugs have been factory tested and proven to resist oil, water, abrasion, and UV. This provides our customers with unmatched reliability whether you intend to use them for supplying lighter-duty, general-purpose electrical devices in stage and theater productions, studio and event lighting, any other entertainment or even industrial and home applications. Reliability and quality what each plug has in common – the rest you choose and configure to your unique needs and purchase right online!

Stinger Extension Configuration Options

Depending on what your application needs, you can select from all of the following options:

Length of Cable: 5′, 10′, 15′, 25′, 50′, 75′, 100′

Cable Gauge: 12/3 SOOW, 12/3 SJOOW

Connectors: Black / Black, Black / White

Configure and Purchase Your 15Amp Stinger today! 

Additional information on GenCable.com Edison Plugs / 15 Amp Stinger Extensions / 5-15 Straight Blade Assemblies

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