Quad Box Stringer Assembly Extensions

Distributing Power with Quadbox Stringer Extensions

Electrical power is often needed to be distributed from one main source and made usable in many locations throughout a venue or large area. This can be tricky and even cause hazards if done poorly. It could mean you need multiple extension cords running from that one access point which can causes various tripping obstacles, space issues and excessive power connections where electricity could be insecure or accidentally tripped. Physically tripping over cords as well as tripping a circuit could cause more dangers and headaches than anyone would want to have on a job site. That’s where a quadbox stringer assembly comes in as a solution.

A quadbox stringer allow you plug in electronic equipment throughout a venue without the headache. Each quadbox stringer is essentially an extension cord with grounded outlet boxes built into the cord at various locations throughout the length of the cable. This handy cable makes it a simple plug-and-play process for creating evenly distributed electrical power access points. That means less cords and less hassle while greatly increasing safety, reliability and efficiency.

Each GenCable quadbox stringer is assembled with:

  • 50′ 10/5 or 12/5 black SOOW cable
  • NEMA L21-30 30A or NEMA L21-20 20A, 4P5W locking plug/connectors 120/208V
  • 4 highly durable GFCI quadboxes
  • Box locations at 15’, 15’, 15’ and 5’

The quadboxes are encased in non-metalic yellow heavy-duty molded santoprene TPV rubber housing with spring-loaded flip lids on each outlet and an innovative strain relief system. The cable is industrial grade to protect from harsh conditions providing protection from shock, impact, chemicals, water, acid, solvents, fatigue and corrosion.

GenCable’s Quadbox Stringers are the highest quality you can find and can withstand extreme environments and heavy use. As with all our privately manufactured cables, you receive the highest quality construction while also getting direct-from-manufacturer reduction in pricing. Add that to the increased ease of use that a quadbox stringer provides to a scenario where power is needed in multiple locations and we think this cable is a win!

If you have any questions about our quadbox stringers or are interested in constructions with non-GFCI recepticales, custom lengths or special cable identification reach out to our GenCable team today.

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