How to choose the right power cable

Choosing the Right Portable Power Cable

Whether your power requirements are permanent or temporary, or for the industrial or entertainment industry, it is important that you choose the proper cable to support your job.

Not all cable assemblies are created equal. The entertainment and industrial industries require different specifications to serve their purposes safely and efficiently. Portable power cable assemblies are specially designed and manufactured to satisfy the unique needs of various industrial and entertainment sectors. Every detail is taken into consideration when manufacturing your power cables. Cables are tested for endurance and safety and are developed with the intention of meeting, and usually exceeding, any electrical safety codes.

Read on for information to help you choose the right portable power cable for your industrial or entertainment needs.

Industrial Power Cable Assemblies

Industrial cables are generally more robust than those used in residential settings since they carry higher levels of voltage. They are manufactured from multiple thin strands of metal which makes these cables highly flexible and highly useful in a variety of industrial situations. Gencable has cable to meet the needs of your unique application.

Type W Power Cable Assemblies

  • Can be used for temporary and portable power
  • Suitable for any type of heavy-duty industrial applications
  • Reliable and flexible, resistant to impact and abrasions

Type PPE Power Cable Assemblies

  • Can be used with portable generators, AC, power extension, shore power, mining, and oil drilling
  • Provides temporary and portable power
  • Quality assured lining for safe handling
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Resistant to water and sunlight

50A Twist-Lock Spider Box Assemblies

  • Provides temporary power for disaster recovery
  • Complete with industrial-grade locking blade connectors
  • Sustains impact
  • Resistant to sunlight and chemicals
  • Brass mounting system provides a safer resistance ground path

2/5 Banded Cable Assemblies

  • Can be used for industrial or entertainment applications
  • Commonly used for gensets, distribution panels, portable power, and lighting applications
  • Resistant to ozone, crushing, and abrasion
  • Durable outer jacket withstands oils, acids, solvents, flames, and moisture

Entertainment Cable Assemblies

Reliable power is vital for entertainment venues such as television stations, theaters, on location for motion pictures, concerts, and sporting events in order to drastically reduce the chances of electrical loss and power failures. Lighting and sound are also pertinent when delivering the best experience possible to various audiences. Discover what different types of entertainment cable can do for your venue.

Socapex 19-Pin Break-Ins, Break-Outs, and Extensions

  • Ideal for theatrical and motion picture facilities
  • Perfect for stage lighting that requires rugged and reliable connectors
  • Design offers simple wiring and maintenance
  • High strength-weight ratio

SC Feeder Cable Assemblies

  • Stage and lighting purposes including motion picture, television, and theaters
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Resistant to abrasions, heat, flame, sunlight, chemicals, water, and acids
  • Provides excellent flexibility and durability

Quad Stringer Assembly Extensions

  • Molded Santoprene TPV housing for harsh conditions
  • Indispensable for job sites due to its high impact resistance and resistance to corrosion, shock, and water
  • Durable, industrial-grade quad boxes

Stage Pin Assemblies

  • Primarily used for portable power and lighting applications
  • Rugged design prevents infiltration of contaminants
  • Construction helps to absorb impacts, preventing any internal damage
  • Insulated for safe handling

No matter what your portable power cable needs are, be sure to take into account any situation, weather condition, or materials the cable will be exposed to and ensure you have an appropriate cable that will withstand anything that will come its way. Safety is of utmost importance when using power cables, which is why they are specially manufactured to be reliable and flexible for your power cable applications. Gencable’s experience pairing the right cable with the right cable onnectors guarantees a safe power connection wherever you need it.

Do you have any questions regarding your specific portable power cable needs? Contact Gencable, a trusted resource when it comes to superior portable power solutions.

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