Distributing Power with Quadbox Stringer Extensions

Electrical power is often needed to be distributed from one main source and made usable in many locations throughout a venue or large area. This can be tricky and even cause hazards if done poorly. It could mean you need multiple extension cords running from that one...

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MV Cable and Assemblies – Quality Matters

When considering where to buy Medium Voltage Cable (MV cable), quality and safety are of the highest priority. Medium Voltage Cable, such as GenCable’s MV105 Shielded Single Conductor 5kV, Red Jumper Cable 5000/15000V, and MV105 Shielded Single Conductor 15kV...

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Quick Look: Socapex 19-Pin Extensions

Gencable carries a variety of 19-Pin Socapex extensions to meet all of your entertainment needs. Learn more about: 19-Pin Socapex Extensions 12/14 600V UL and CSA listed cable 19-Pin Socapex Break-Outs & Break-Ins UL listed 12/3 300V SJOOW cable 19-pin connector...

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Is Type PPE or Type W the right cable for you?

You’ll often hear that Type W and Type PPE cable can be used interchangeably. Yes, it is true that Type W and Type PPE cable do share some similarities. Both cables are UL and MSHA approved and are recognized in article 400 of the NEIC. Type PPE and Type W are also...

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Quick Look: Stage Pin Assemblies

Gencable offers a variety of stage pin assemblies to meet all of your needs. Learn more about: 20A, 60A and 100A stsge pin assemblies Splitters, and Snake bite stage pin assemblies. Usage: Primarily used in movie and television production, 60 and 100 Amp stage pin...

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Type SC Entertainment Cable 101

Gencable’s Learning Series: Cable Class What is Type SC cable? Type SC entertainment cable is a single conductor cable made with a fully annealed stranded 30 gauge bare copper conductor at its core. The copper center is surrounded with a high grade...

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