The Benefits of Pin & Sleeve Cable Extensions

In industries with harsh weather environments where ensured safety of a power connection is vital, be it live outdoor events, theater, filming, ship yards, various industrial applications and even indoor industries such as wastewater treatment plants and food processing facilities with high uses of water, the quality of a plug’s waterproof seal and overall durability becomes of greatest importance for supplying safe power. It is for applications such as these that GenCable offers Pin & Sleeve power cable assemblies. These cables are made with either SOOW or Type W cable which are both manufactured for durability and finished with plugs specifically designed for a watertight seal. The IEC 60309 Watertight pin & sleeve plugs and NEMA 4x Powermate Pin & Sleeve plugs are both certified to hold a watertight seal. Their design allows the electrical connection to be secured and stopped while entirely enclosed in a twist-locking water and dust-tight housing.

Built to withstand extreme weather, corrosive atmospheres, and rough working conditions, pin and sleeve cable assemblies offer peace of mind when faced with supplying power in hazardous circumstances. customizing one of GenCable’s Pin & Sleeve cable extensions may be exactly what your power solution needs. Extensions come in 30A, 60A, and 100A configurations with 10/5 Type SOOW, 6/5 Type SOOW, 4/5 Type W, or 4/4 Type W cable in 25’ or 50’ lengths. You can customize each cable further through the available options like tie-ins, custom lengths, cable identification, or requesting additional IEC 60309 watertight connectors, and Arktite® cast aluminum and non-metallic plugs, receptacles and connectors.

So if corrosion, water and impact resistance are of concern while determining how to secure electrical connections with superior performance in high-abuse environments, shop GenCable Pin & Sleeve Cable Assemblies online!

If you have any questions or would like a quote for further Pin & Sleeve Cable customizations, contact GenCable through our form or by calling 877-287-8511.

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